What Type of Plays Were Being Presented on Broadway in the 1930s?

What type of plays were being presented on Broadway in the 1930s? There are a few different answers to this question. Here’s a look at some of the more popular works from the era. The 1930s were a time of great economic and social turmoil, so it is no surprise that the theatre scene was a bit rough and tumble. However, despite the hardships, the 1930s were not without its share of comedic performances.

A new era ushered in changes in the theater industry. The 1930s brought the deaths of two notable theater directors: A. L. Erlanger and Frank Loesser. During the 1929-30 season, only 233 plays were presented. The 1930-31 season produced only 187, with a decline in the number of productions. The productions on Broadway were reduced to a minimum, as Hollywood took on the talent from Broadway.

During the Great Depression, Broadway theaters saw a great decline in attendance and the number of productions declined. Many theaters closed. But the industry managed to continue to produce some of the greatest musical composers. In 1927, for example, the Broadway production of Oklahoma! was one of the most popular shows of the era. Nevertheless, this era was also a time of decline for theaters.

During the 1930s, the Theater Guild continued to produce plays. One of these plays was Elizabeth the Queen, by Maxwell Anderson. The play was a biographical account of Elizabeth I of England, starring Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt. Critics described the play as a fine poetic tragedy written in blank verse. It was very successful, and was made into a film. Maxwell Anderson followed up with another play, Mary Queen of Scots.

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