How Long Should You Study For An Exam?

How long should you study for an exam? Depending on the level of the exam, a week’s worth of revision time can help you prepare more effectively. You should aim to study for at least six hours a day, but if you can manage eight, then a week is sufficient. You should also ensure to take regular breaks and turn off your mobile phone. The best time to study is at least six days before the exam.

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On the day before the exam, spend at least an hour studying the key facts that will be on the test. Make a note of them and re-read them every day. Try to memorise the essentials by the morning of the fourth day. Also, take a break to drink water and make sure you have enough working pens. If you have more time, you can spend a full day familiarising yourself with the exam web series review.

If you only have two days to prepare for an exam, make sure you read your textbook and make notes on what you’ve learnt. Use study techniques like flash cards, voice memos, and materialisation to ensure that you cover every subject thoroughly. In the event that you get overwhelmed, talk to a friend or ask for help. Despite the amount of time you have, you shouldn’t procrastinate. After all, this is your only chance to learn. Studying for an exam is no picnic, and procrastination is no way to prepare yourself for success.

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