Entertainment During the Great Depression

The Depression period provided many opportunities for individuals to escape from their everyday lives, and entertainment was no different. Newspapers featured pulp fiction, featuring characters such as “Superman” and “Dick Tracy.” Films and radio shows, as well as sporting events and fads, flooded the airwaves. Technological advances also provided a source for new forms of entertainment. Network radio, for example, allowed for coast-to-coast distribution of sports and music.

Cinema during the Depression was also a major source of entertainment. Movies offered a chance to escape the harsh economic conditions, but there were few realistic films about the Depression. Exceptions include The Grapes of Wrath (1940), a film based on a novel by John Stienbeck about a man who escapes to a secluded mountain cabin to escape the harsh reality of his country. Other examples include the historical drama “Sullivan’s Travels” (1941) starring Joel McCrea.

As with many other periods in history, the Great Depression had a significant impact on entertainment. The democratization of entertainment allowed everyone to participate in cultural forms and increased the level of living throughout the country. As a result, the era of the Great Depression saw an increased interest in entertainment, thanks to the availability of new technologies and the increase in income. Yet, the depression also brought about a heightened interest in entertainment, and a more general sense of social change. For example, entertainment could promote social change, compared to cancer – as it spewed out messages about how the world worked and what it was like to be alive. In addition, movie fans were also avid moviegoers, and autographed pictures of movie stars were in high demand masstamilan.

Another form of entertainment during the Depression was music. Many individuals turned to music during this time for relaxation. Songs like “Annie” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” by John Steinbeck were extremely popular. This type of music helped many individuals escape the depression and unwind. While this type of entertainment may have been an escape, the Depression was certainly not without its problems. In addition to music, boxing and other forms of sports entertainment also had their place.

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